Confusion Diet Plan

Author : 12 Week Body Challenge

I have been using this new “Confusion Diet Plan” to help me speed up my metabolism and lose weight. So far, it has been working great. I thought I would share it with you in case if you need any help in that department.


How does Confusion Diet Plan work?

Let’s suppose you are a male who weighs 200 pounds and your daily caloric intake is 2,500 calories.

With the Confusion Diet Plan, day one you would eat your required 2,500 calories. Day two, you would eat a lot more than 2,500 calories. I call this force-feeding. Day three, you would eat less than 2,500 calories.

Throughout my 12-week body challenge, I have found that your body needs around 48 hours to adapt to a diet. If you change your diet every 24 hours, your body has to work twice as hard to adjust to the new diet.

This will work in your favor because it will help you increase your metabolism and lose weight.

Here is an example of “Confusion Diet Plan”:

Monday – 2500 calories

Tuesday – 1500 calories

Wednesday – 3000 calories

Thursday – 1800 calories

Friday – 3300 calories

Saturday – 2200 calories

Sunday – 1200 calories

So, far it’s working for me…. I would love to know if this works for you.

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